About us

Sonia Galiano proposes Classic Fashion style, with elegance as its own recognition mark, from the initial idea up to the final product, by passing through a detailed and focused choice of materials. The choice of precise and classic style, in conjunction with good fancy moving along with fashion trends, allowed to create a collection made by unique pieces, characterized by research, experimentation and quality warranty, characteristics that determine a set of dynamic and elegant pictures. Each piece is refined with valuable and luxury details that space from researched laces to precious crystals and metals. Sonia personally picks out the best tissues and materials to be used with her models, by selecting only luxury fibers with valuable quality levels.


Sonia Galiano offers two fashion dress galleries with different targets:

  • Wedding dresses;
  • Ceremony and Events special suites;
Care and quality of each product are monitored at each single step during production, from the initial idea to the final manufactured dress delivered to customer, passing through design, model, intermediate trials and samples and materials selections.